Our Story

We have a new name, but it's still us! We began this project in 2015 as Stubbs, and became Do-Rite in 2018. Our right to this name has been contested by Do-Rite Donuts, an up and coming brand in Chicago. rather than fight over the name, we have chosen a new name from the heart of our project. Lynn Metcalf Began Working At The Age Of 15. Both Her Mother And Grandmother Had Made Their Careers In Restaurants, And It Was The Only Field She Considered. Learning Skills In Local Institutions Like Magnolia On Lake Austin (RIP), Bouldin Creek Coffee House And Kome Sushi Kitchen Along The Way She Began At Stubbs BBQ In 2006. After 10 Years There She Began Working With Veteran Pit boss Marciano Ortiz on this project. Together they call on A Combined 40 Years of Experience, and an obsession with quality to bring you this classic TX BBQ. What does all this mean for you? What will it be like when you come visit us at any of our locations? You may notice some new signs. Things that said "DO-RITE" disappear, and things that say "METCALF" will take their place. The food may be even better than you remember. But that's about it...The name may have changed but our commitment to being part of a team we love, working hard, and putting out delicious Texas barbecue hasn't wavered.

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